Back and hungry for more

A few days back from the Scandinavian arctic now. It was a wonderful trip through a variated landscape. If I read my latest post again from before I left, it’s obvious that I have been uncertain about the condition of my bad knee. Despite there were still some problems on the trip, I was able to cover large distances almost every day. So I’m very happy to have hiked and packrafted the entire length of the Lyngen Alps at the end.

Sapmi 201107I encountered this little lemming while stopped for the midday lunch near Langvatnet under Steindalstinden in the Lyngen Alps.

The packrafting was a lot of fun, especially the Poroeno river was quite a great river for packrafting as was the more gentle Reisaelva. The salt water crossings were a fluke. I mostly had good conditions and even saw several harbour porpoises with calves swimming by. One time a ringed seal showed up a few meters before the bow. The lemmings and reindeer were also well presented on the land.

Sapmi 201107Ready to re-enter the river Poroeno in Finland after portaging the long and rocky PR3-4 rapids south of Jorba-Cierti.

After each long trip I always want to quickly take off again. My friend Willem Vandoorne has an Alpacka packraft now too. I’m excited to have a companion now for the packraft trips in the future. We will start with the Kleine Nete river here close to my home. This river was the very first river I ever did by packraft now somewhat more than a year ago. When I entered the water on that trip, I discovered I had forgotten to put a memory card in my camera. Time to rectify that mistake!

3 thoughts on “Back and hungry for more

  1. Tvist is the first time everk i’ve frem å cute picture of a lemming, it is always the angry side, well done. 🙂
    There is a saying in Norway that every forth year or so , you can drink all the lemenjuice you like in the mountains for free. Ouch!
    I have a troblesome knee also. In the beginning of my two week trip on Hardangervidda, every downhill walk was a pain. Then I remembered the quick fix of last year; walking barefoot for about a half an hour every day.
    I just completed my hike with a monster downhill climb to Odda with no problems! If you have the map of this area just reading the contourlines may make your knees hurt 😉

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