River delta packraft trip – Biesbosch national park

The Biesbosch is a river delta area with freshwater tides, fed by the rivers Rhine and Maas in The Netherlands. It consists of a network of river channels, from wide and deep to very narrow and shallow with swamps and willow forests in between. Today it is protected as a national park. At the end of October I went discovering the area with my packraft on an overnight trip. A canoe is the most famous water vessel to paddle through the area but I found that a packraft actually looks more ideal to go through the most narrow creeks when the tidal water drops. But still I got stuck in a small creek at low tide. I met a lot of wildlife, mainly water birds and raptors but also one big beaver. The Biesbosch is famous for its many beaver colonies. I’ll definitely return here as now I only paddled through a small part of the area. The Biesbosch is really recommended for those who love quiet nature and wildlife.

5 thoughts on “River delta packraft trip – Biesbosch national park

  1. Great area for packrafting! Are there no regulations and bans for paddling? In AT a nationalpark unfornatunately means everything is forbidden 😦

    • Hi Sabi,
      I knew you would love the Biesbosch! You can paddle here anytime you want. Only a few small creeks are closed for paddling but there are plenty others left to explore. Camping is only allowed on two designated spots however. But I think you can still explore most of the area by only camping on these designated spots.

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