Discover the peacefulness of the mountains

Sarek 2008
Rapaselet in Sarek NP, Sweden (August 2008)

A few weeks ago I was kindly surprised by a question from a local journalist to ask me for an interview to be published in a national newspaper. The newspaper would be supplemented with a few extra pages dealing about the subject “the outdoors”. Okay why not, I thought.

The interview lasted about one hour, dealing with various subjects. I got the usual questions like how I started with multi day hiking, how I could find my way in the wilderness with a map and compass without getting lost, what about food, cooking and finding water. But at the end I was surprised there were a lot of question dealing about gear. As I am an ultralight hiker in most circumstances I was off course explaining the ultralight gear I use nowadays and how I got into ultralight hiking. The journalist, clearly ignorant about ultralight hiking and quite unfamiliar with hiking in general, was quite surprised when I explained how I use a tarp as a shelter instead of an usual tent, trailrunners instead of common hiking boots, a home made woodgas stove instead of a simple gas canister stove, etc. It is obvious that my ultralight style of backpacking had been the most appealing subject of the interview as it is well addressed in the article.

Sarek 2008
Tarping in the Jiegnavagge in Sarek NP, Sweden (September 2008)

The article remains fairly general but I like it as it touches with my personal style of backpacking without ever going into details. Now I’m wondering how long I will have to stare at this article at my work since my colleagues have hung the article on the wall and I even didn’t tell anyone about its appearance. It seems nothing can stay unnoticed in a Flemish newspaper. 🙂

The article (Flemish): Ontdek de rust van de bergen

3 thoughts on “Discover the peacefulness of the mountains

  1. Fortunately I do speak the same language as in the article, though I live in an other country (The Netherlands). I think the article is well written and it is also keeping a balance between over and understatement of the difficulties one will meet by going outdoors.
    In the end it is the experience that counts and that is also the reason why I follow this blog and will try to go to such destinies myself !

  2. Well I can’t read Flemish, but that first photo of Rapaselet is stunning. The fact that you were interviewed and spoke about lightweight techniques will undoubtedly help others to consider the possibility. I suspect that I will be spending many summers in Sarek in the coming years. Thanks

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