Returned from the Verdon Gorge

… alive and safe!

It has been a long time that I had enjoyed a longer trip so much. I’ve been packrafting the Verdon river from close to its headwaters in the Alps till deep in the gorge and encountered a lot of whitewater stuff up to class IV for kayaks. The hiking part was at least as enjoyable. A few snapshots of me while taking a swift class III rapid on the swollen Verdon:

Verdon 201204

Verdon 201204

Verdon 201204

Verdon 201204

Verdon 201204

Verdon 201204

Verdon 201204

You probably want to know how this rollercoaster ended? Sorry, you should wait the trip report. I’ll start writing very soon. 🙂

Note: No helmet, no proper PFD, no wet/drysuit and solo in PR4+ whitewater. I know this is not safe and I’m not proud of it. If you copy, you’re crazy too! You can be sure, this will have been the first and only time for me. 😉

10 thoughts on “Returned from the Verdon Gorge

  1. Where the hell did you mount the camera?? From image #1 I’d say it wasn’t on the paddle, right?

    • OK, so it was on your backpack. The camera seems to be mounted much higher though. Probably going ‘upwave’.

  2. Guys and girl, I think many of you will see it from another perspective when I post the movie and you see what really happened. Snapshots are great to bring sensation. 😉 Though that doesn’t mean I have not been taking risks.

    @ Jeroen: the camera was mounted on the backpack which was strapped to the bow of the raft.

    @ Ivo: I haven’t got the opportunity to practice exiting and entering my decked boat yet during the winter, so it would have been unsafe to take my decked boat for this trip.

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