A new look

Today it’s already a bit more than two years when I changed my blog into this English version and yet it seems like yesterday. Yet I found it was time now to make some changes to the blog, especially its look. I was bored with the old theme and I noticed that more and more other blogs have showed up with just the same blog theme, so I even got bored faster with the look of my own blog.

Hulle stream in the Ardennes, May 2008.

I’m sticking with wordpress. Since I’m not a hero at all in dealing with computer nerdy stuff I will keep using what I’ve become familiar with. The blog has now a wider and flexible width and new posts will from now on contain larger sized images compared to all the previous posts as long as you watch the site in a wide window.

Taking a swim in the Houille river, May 2008.

Gear related posts have remained scarce so far, so I’ve also made the decision to start writing more about gear related stuff instead of focusing almost exclusively on trip reports. I’m not really the person who is very hard on its gear I must say, so I think it will be a challenge to find a good balance between the positives and all the failures, but I think it will go without saying. Concerning trip reports, I will still occasionally keep writing about old trips from years ago just like I’ve been doing from the beginning. I can really enjoy looking back at my brash years with an associated amount of nostalgia. So stay tuned!

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