A getaway on the Escapardenne Eisleck trail

Few weeks ago I had a relaxed hike on the Escapardenne Eisleck trail (EET), a 104km long and new hiking trail in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the south of Belgium. A friend joined me on the trail during the first day. For the remainder of the hike I walked solo, making wild bivouacs in the forests. Deer and wild boars passed by during most of the nights. The trail made me enjoy some corners in the countryside of the Ardennes that were completely new to me, even though the trail coincides a lot with the GR57 trail which I already section hiked several times in the area before. The pictures give you some further impressions of the trail.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
The west entrance of the tunnel of the Channel of Bernistap. This channel was build in the 19th century to make a connection between the watersheds of the Meuse and Rhine rivers. However, the project was never completed due to the growing benefits of rail transport at that time.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
The countryside on the plateau of the Ardennes around the border between Belgium and Luxembourg.

Foxes playing on the banks of the Channel of Bernistap.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
One of many small frogs at the Weiler ponds.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
Nice evening in the forest under the trailstar.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
Backlit in the forest.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
Somewhere on the plateau south of Clervaux after a rainy morning.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
Approaching Kautenbach through a nice valley.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
Pink colors in the Ourthe valley where I followed the GR57 trail from Gouvy to Houffalize to join the EET again.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
Following the markings of the GR57 trail.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
Crossing the young Ourthe Orientale.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
First time I encountered such a big one in Belgium.

Escapardenne Eisleck trail 201308
On the plateau above the Ourthe valley.


3 thoughts on “A getaway on the Escapardenne Eisleck trail

  1. I really love your pictures! They make me think there is a little adventure waiting for me. When I do near the same pictures they look just boring 😉 Looks like I need to work on it!

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