24 Grevelingen

Lake Grevelingen is the biggest non-tidal saltwater lake in Western Europe. Located in the southwest of the Netherlands, it was formed after the damming of a sea strait in the river delta of the Meuse and Rhine rivers during the Delta Works in the ’60s and ’70s. Winds were not too strong by the end of August and so I decided to make a packrafting overnighter on the lake.

Grevelingen 201308
The mainland from Hompelvoet Island.

Grevelingen 201308
Arrived on Hompelvoet.

I visited several of the many small and uninhabited islands in the lake. On the second day the wind picked suddenly up to a steady 4 Beaufort and waves appeared while I was about in the middle on the lake with the nearest shore of the mainland several kilometers away. No time to waist!

Grevelingen 201308
Exploring the islands on foot.

Grevelingen 201308
Icelandic horses maintain wild trails through the shrubs on the islands.

Back on shore I hiked towards the North Sea and played a bit on the sea. Waves were too low for surfing however and so I amused myself by paddling deep into the sea for several times, then capsize my boat and swim back to the shore with my packraft kept on the leash. It was a good workout.

Grevelingen 201308
Reaching the other side of the island after partly bushwhacking through the wild inner.

Grevelingen 201308
The sea, the beach and dunes.

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