Greenland 2009 part I: Tasermiut fjord

During the summer of 2009 I’ve spent five weeks on the southern corner of Greenland. This is the first long post out of four about this long adventure. Small iceberg drifting in Tasermiut fjord. At the time I arrived at Nanortalik, the Inuit village on a small island 87km from Cape Farvel, Greenland’s southernmost cape, everything […]

Greenland 2009 part II: Tasersuaq & Cape Farvel Country

During the previous days I had been walking next to Tasermiut fjord and through a few of its adjacent valleys. The day before I bushwhacked through Qinnguadalen and finally arrived at the shore of Tasersuaq, the big lake enclosed between impressive peaks. Looking back through the valley just before reaching the waterfalls above Kangerluk fjord. Here only tundra was growing […]

Tarping with the Grace solo Spinntex .97

In June 2007 I bought myself a lightweight solo tarp, the Grace solo Spinntex .97 tarp from MLD, which was later on replaced by the Grace solo spinntex EXP (EXP stands for a slightly different spinntex fabric). Today Ron Bell no longer offers the spinntex version what I regret. The years before I started with tarping I had only used a Hilleberg Akto tent. At that time […]