Welcome to my personal website! My name is Joery Truyen, also known as “Dzjow”. I’m born and living in Belgium. Through this website I talk about my adventures around the world on foot, on skis, in packraft as well as all additional thoughts about gear and techniques. This blog was born in the spring of 2011 after several people tried to persuade me to blog in English. I was already blogging in Dutch the years before. I apologize for any incorrect English. There sure is lots of it on my blog. 🙂

At age 19 I started my first multi-day hiking trip which I did solo like most of my trips today​​. During the years that followed I mainly wandered through the Pyrenees. In 2007, I travelled to Scandinavia for the first time where I discovered my love for the areas around the Arctic Circle, which in 2009 led to a long adventure in the south of Greenland and an obsession for the northern lights.

My favorite place in Scandinavia is Sarek National Park in the north of Sweden. I know the area pretty well by now. I’ve visited almost all corners in the park and floated the Rapaädno river in packraft. If you would ever have any questions about the area or want to discuss about this small European wilderness, I’m happy to get in touch with you.

Besides weekly long off-trail trips through wilderness areas, isolated from the outside world and sometimes without any possibility of resupply, I also often go for a hike of several days through the Belgian Ardennes or other mountainous areas relatively close to home like the Vosges or the Alps, most of the time in lightweight style.

During each trip, I try to capture the landscape and surroundings in photos. The most interesting pictures can be viewed through the posts on this blog.

If desired, please feel free to comment on the posts. For other questions please contact me via email or the contact page on the site.

Enjoy the views, enjoy the reading, enjoy the hiking!

Joery aka dzjow