Packraft discrimination

Last weekend a small group of Flemish and Dutch packraft enthusiasts headed to the whitewater track of Arras in Northern France for a day practicing and playing.



However, some things didn’t work out as we had hoped. Many of us didn’t yet have a lot of whitewater experience and so tipping and swimming was regularly part for some of us. A discussion with the manager followed at noon as he wanted us to pay for a 2 hours course we had asked beforehand but didn’t got at all. Soon it became clear we were nuisance in his eyes for his big raft clients on the track and he never wanted to see us again with our packrafts on his track in the future. Instead we would be obliged to rent his own kayaks. Our packrafts were non-technical boats in his eyes, only suitable as toys in a pool and not suitable for a white water track. Once again packrafters were discriminated! The discussion went on for more than one hour! Finally we managed to come to an agreement and we were able to practice again in the afternoon, be it without any support anymore of the rescuers on the shore. We didn’t bother anymore and enjoyed our time in the waves.





All pictures taken by Lucien and Peter.