9 years with a Hilleberg Akto

A few weeks ago I sold my Hilleberg Akto tent after 9 years hiking and camping with it. The last years it didn’t get much use anymore as by now I have become a fanatic tarper under 3-season conditions and I’ve been mostly using a Hilleberg Soulo for serious winter trips over the last two years. Despite the tent remained on the shelves for most of the time, I have been hesitating for two years before finally selling. After all those years I definitely had a bond with this tent.

Hilleberg tents are bomb proof and that’s what I like so much about them. You can rely on them in almost any weather condition. For example, have a look at Dave’s trip with his Akto in 130km/h winds in Lake District last September. The only drawback I’ve experienced with the Akto is its high amount of condensation you often get under certain conditions. The Soulo does a much better job in that respect and can handle a larger snow load.

To give honor to the Akto I made a compilation about the better bivouacs I have made with the tent throughout the years.

El Cilindro
Bivouac under El Cilindro in the Spanish Pyrenees, September 2003.

Grande Fache
Under Grande Fache in the Frensh Pyrenees, September 2004.

Bivak Estany Redon
After a hailstorm at Estany Redon in the Spanish Pyrenees, July 2005.

Bivak aan Lac de Fischboedle
At Lac de Fischboedle in the Frensh Vosges mountains, November 2005.

My first night in the snow in the German Eifel, December 2005.

Bivak Ibon Blanc de Lliterola
Between the boulders at Ibon Blanc de Lliterola in the Spanish Pyrenees, June 2006.

Sitting out the 31st thunderstorm on the trip through the Pyrenees in June 2006.

Latest night on a snowshoe trip on the mountain plateau of the “Dead Mountains” (Totesgebirge) in the Austrian Alps, April 2007.

Bivak in zijdalletje ten westen van Filli
On the GR57 long distance trail through the Belgian Ardennes together with Luc, May 2007.

Bivak Gressenstein
On a snowschoe trip through the Kitzbuheler Alps in Austria, February 2008.

Bivak Stanglhöhe
Spending the night on the summit of Stanglhöhe (2276m) in the Austrian Kitzbuheler Alps with Großvenediger (3662m) in the background, February 2008.

Vogezen 200811
One of my personal favorit bivouac places in the Frensh Vosges mountains, in front of Batteriekopf (1311), Rothenbachkopf (1316m) en Rainkopf (1305m), November 2008.

Dachstein 200902
Almost burried in heavy snowfall on a snowshoe trip on the Dachstein plateau in the Austrian Alps, February 2009.

Mullerthal 200905
On the Müllerthal trail in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, May 2009.

Schwarzwald 200910
Misty morning on Blössling (1309m) in the German Black Forest, October 2009.

Cantal 201012
On the mountain Puy de Peyre Arse (1806m) with view onto Puy Griou (1690m) in the Frensh Massif Central, December 2010.