Hey guys! Why do you all need that adventurous thing?

Yes! Willem and I pulled out for our first packraft trip together. I set out alone friday evening for the Kleine Nete at the water mill of Retie and paddled till darkness fell to stay overnight under my trailstar at the river bank somewhere at the edge of the forest. Saturday we met at the water mill of Kasterlee. Because Willem has no experience yet with faster moving water, we took the opportunity to play in the currents downstream of each water mill and dam. The river is completely slow moving flat water in between.

Kleine Nete 201108Camp with the trailstar on the river bank.

Willem’s packraft is the new design of Alpacka from this year, mine is the old one. The difference in performance between the two is enormous. I had all difficulties to follow him at his relaxed paddling speed. The new design paddles so much faster and the bow hardly sweeps anymore! I tried his boat a few times. It looks like it cuts more through the currents like a kayak now without losing too much lateral stability, rather than floating on it with more drag as does the old design. It’s incredible!

Kleine Nete 201108Nymphoides Peltata, common water plant in the river Kleine Nete.

Now we’re both ready for more and heavier river stuff, at least as long as Willem doesn’t paddle too fast, don’t you think? So what’s next?

Kleine Nete 201108Common Moorhen chicks (Gallinula chloropus) can be found in large numbers on the water plants. If you don’t always paddle with care, it’s possible to knock down some of these chicks accidentally.