Grensmaas at high water

Yesterday Yves, Willem and I went to the east of Belgium to start a run on the river Grensmaas. The days before we had made the plan to go on a multi day packraft trip in the Ardennes but the abundant rainfall of the previous days resulted in dangerously high water levels so that we made the decision to divert to the Grensmaas. This became my fourth run of the river, this time however at a discharge of 1300m³/s, instead of the 50-200m³/s I was used to the previous times. We only needed less than half the time to run the 37km to Maaseik, our average absolute speed about 12,5km/h. At some points the fields next to the river were standing under water and made ​​it at some points confusing to determine where the real riverbed went again. All the rapids were now flattened out, but that could not spoil the fun. The Grensmaas is equally enjoyable at any water level.